Opening Hours

IFPU is currently open from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday.

Meeting Room 205

Seminar room with a projector and a blackboard. Current reservations are shown here.

Meeting Room 214

Small meetings room for up to 8 people.

Meeting Room 305

Meeting room with a log table, chairs and a couch, a blackboard, a projector and a large TV screen (instructions). It can accommodate comfortably up to 15 people, about 10 at the table. Current reservations are shown here.

Lecture Room D (main SISSA building)

Lecture room with double projectors located in the basement of the old SISSA building next to the IFPU site. Reservations are managed by the SISSA booking system.


A color printer named SISSA beirut-nb2 is located at the end of the north corridor on the second floor while a color printer named SISSA mfc-mr-nb-l3-01 is located in the same position but on the third floor