Line of Research on Particle Acceleration

Principal Investigator: Massimo Persic


Abstract: Energetic particles (Cosmic Rays) reaching Earth provide direct evidence for efficient acceleration of charged particles to very high energies (~100 EeV) in various galactic environments, but important aspects of their origin, interaction with radiation fields, and propagation in magnetized media are not yet known. To better understand how and where particles are accelerated, detailed analyses are required of their measured spectral fluxes, and of their electromagnetic and neutrino yields in hadronic and leptonic processes. Correct interpretation of all available spectral and spatial measurements mandates sufficiently realistic modeling of the acceleration sites and of all the particle modes of interaction in the environments they traverse. Motivated by the need to improve understanding of particle acceleration, we will quantitatively explore various Galactic and extragalactic sources (including supernova remnants, AGNs, starburst galaxies, gamma-ray bursts, and galaxy clusters) of energetic particles by means of all available particle (protons, electrons, neutrinos) and radiative (including radio, microwave, X and gamma-ray) messengers. Our detailed investigations will be based on assessment of different possible acceleration sites, all relevant leptonic and hadronic interactions, with full account taken of the likely propagation modes in interstellar (including galactic halos) and intergalactic (or intracluster) environments. A deeper understanding of particle acceleration and propagation and gamma-ray emission is also instrumental in searching for anomalies related to Lorentz Invariance Violation effects or the conversion of photons into axion-like particles.

Status of project and perspectives: Pls see attachment.