Inflationary Cosmology

Principal Investigator: Paolo Creminelli


  • Early Universe

Abstract: This line of research is devoted to study inflation. It includes research which is quite close to experiments (predictions in various models of inflation, non-Gaussianity and its experimental tests, production of primordial black holes…) and also more theoretical studies of de Sitter space (de Sitter no hair theorem, eternal inflation, wavefunction of the Universe, calculation beyond perturbation theory…). Also alternatives to inflation are part of this research.

Status of project and perspectives: The line of research produced a substantial set of papers (see below) ranging from very theoretical studies of inflation to projects much closer to data. Some colloquia were organised in this line of research: “Primordial Black Holes” by Antonio Riotto, “Galaxy Shapes as a Cosmological Tool” by Elisa Chisari, “A timeless History of Time” by Enrico Pajer and a number of journal clubs and seminars. A 1-week programme “Interpretable and higher-order statistics for the late-time cosmology” organised by Matteo Biagetti will take place in July 2022, with clear overlap with this line of research.