Extended theories of gravity

Principal Investigator: Stefano Liberati


  • Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
  • Structures in the Universe
  • Theory and Phenomenology of Gravity

Abstract: Extension or modifications of General Relativity have become increasingly interesting as they could provide a possible alternative explanation of cosmological phenomena as dark energy or dark matter. Research in tis direction is aimed both at the understanding of the general structure of gravitation theories beyond GR but also to the discussion of specific models in order to test their cosmological predictions.

Description: Research on modified gravity theories will be carried on with several aims. There is a theoretical interest is in understanding the general structure and possible equivalence of these alternatives to General Relativity. Also these theories are generally endowed with extra degrees of freedom that cold in principle account for the dark components observed in our Universe. Finally, compact objects such as neutron stars and black holes, can develop extra structures associated to the new degrees of freedom which could be amenable to direct tests via multimessanger astrophysics.