IFPU regularly promotes and hosts various types of activities. Among them there are:

IFPU Colloquia: seminars intended for a broad audience on topics related to the IFPU research lines, generally once a month on Friday. The venue for the IFPU colloquia is Lecture Hall D, in the basement of the former SISSA main building, currently shared among different Institutions. You access Lecture Hall D via the main entrance of the building, and then going one floor down.

IFPU Journal Clubs: informal discussion sessions intended for a broad audience addressing recent publications and sharing ideas, generally every Friday morning. The venue for the IFPU Journal Clubs is Hall 205, on the second floor of the IFPU building.

IFPU special programs: events supported and financed by IFPU, welcoming external visitors. They usually last several days and require beforehand application.

Additional seminars and journal clubs: organized by supporting Institutions or IFPU members, they are part of the activities within the IFPU research projects.

Activity calendar

Below you can find the IFPU activity calendar. It contains the scheduled IFPU Colloquia, IFPU Journal Clubs, Special Programs, and other activities.

Links to .ics files for integration in other applications: colloquia, journal clubs and special programs.

A more general calendar including cosmology, astrophysics & astroparticles events in other institutions in the larger Trieste area can be found here.