The call for activities to take place in the semester April 2025September 2025 (included) will be open from September 1st, 2024 with a deadline on October 2nd, 2024

IFPU special programs

The Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe supports and hosts small-scale workshops and meetings dedicated to the investigation of the fundamental laws of Nature as emerging from Cosmological and Astrophysical observations. The focus is on theoretical and phenomenological studies, with connection to the experimental and observational programs in the field. 

Priority will be given to selected topics within the IFPU research areas:

  • Astroparticle Physics
  • Astrophysical Probes of Fundamental Interactions;
  • Early Universe;
  • Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
  • Structures in the Universe;
  • Theory and Phenomenology of Gravity.

The Institute provides logistic support, including office space, meeting rooms, and financial support via a contribution to local expenses (accommodation & meals) for external participants. Additional third-party financing is encouraged. Note that all of the IFPU activities are requested to comply with the Institute ethical code.

More in detail, the Institute supports and finances two kinds of activities:

Focus Week programs: these are thematic meetings dedicated to the investigation of specific research topics, selected on the basis of their innovativeness and timeliness. Each program lasts up to one week. IFPU will support local expenses for up to 15 external participants at any given time.

The preferred format is that of a small-scale meeting, gathering together a community of experts of the field and maximising interactions, possibly with few seminars and multiple brainstorming and discussion sessions, also allowing time for working group activities. Priority will be given to small programs (no more than 25 people including locals), allocating about 50% of their time for discussions and interactions in the IFPU building.

Team Research programs: these activities consist of small groups developing or finalising a project. A team would normally include up to 5 members, with at least half of the members being not local to the Institute. Each program lasts up to one week. IFPU will support local expenses for up to 3 external participants at any given time.

Evaluation Criteria: Programs will be selected by IFPU Governing Council on the bases of their pertinence to the IFPU research areas, scientific rigour, innovativeness and timeliness. Diversity, internationality, and gender balance of the proposed participants will be considered in the programs evaluation.

How to Apply

Proposals should be sent by e-mail to the IFPU director and specify:

  • Title of the proposal;
  • Name and email address of the main proponent;
  • Name and email address of a local organizer (this is not mandatory but strongly recommended); 
  • Abstract of the proposal;
  • Scientific motivations (up to 2 pages for a Focus Week, 1 page for a Team Research);
  • Description of the proposed activities;
  • Expected total number of participants;
  • List of expected participants (or a representative selection for the Focus Week);
  • Preferred starting date and duration of the program (please provide two or three possible alternatives).

At the end of the program a brief activity report will be asked to the main organizers.

We encourage the proposed programs to take full advantage of the IFPU building facilities. Larger meetings (still subject to the limit of max participants 15 supported by IFPU) can be exceptionally approved (or partially supported) and take place in the Aula D in the SISSA-Miramare Main building next door. This room provides seating for up to 90 people. See the facilities page for more information.