IFPU Colloquium by Prof. Laura Baudis
Time: Friday, July 3, 11 am. Venue: Zoom Meeting, contact Emiliano Sefusatti (ti.faninull@ittasufes.onailime) for receiving a link. Speaker: Prof. Laura Baudis (University of Zurich). Title: Direct detection of particle dark matter: where do we stand, where are we going? Abstract: One of the major challenges of modern physics is to ... read more!
IFPU Colloquium by Prof. Hitoshi Murayama
Time: Friday, June 19th, 5pm. Venue: Zoom Meeting, contact Emiliano Sefusatti (ti.faninull@ittasufes.onailime) for receiving a link. Speaker: Prof. Hitoshi Murayama (UC Berkeley & IPMU, Tokyo). Title: Origin of matter and gravitational waves Abstract: We exist today thanks to the asymmetry between matter and anti-matter. Its origin, however, has been one of the ... read more!
On 24th and 25th July IFPU will be hosting the Astro@TS meeting, occurring every other year, which aims at gathering all young scientists in Trieste working on astrophysics related themes. As usual, we are planning to use a format based on long and short talks which will be scheduled accordingly ... read more!
IFPU Colloquia starting on March 21, 2019
The program of Colloquia, Seminars and Journal Clubs at the Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe is starting. You can find the calendar and details on IFPU scientific events at the Activities webpage. ... read more!
Call for IFPU programs now open
The Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe supports and hosts: Focus Week Programs, namely small-scale thematic workshops, and Team Research Programs, namely the activity of small groups developing or finalizing a project. Calls for proposals for Focus Week Programs planned up to September 30, 2020 and for Team Research ... read more!
Applications for long-term visits now open (first deadline: May 1, 2019)
The Institute promotes its internationalization and the development of new research lines through visits of internationally renowned scientists with leading expertise in areas within the scientific goals of the Institute. The next deadline for receiving applications is May 1, 2019. For further information, visit the application page. ... read more!
The opening ceremony took place on October 2nd, 2018, at 10:30AM in the SISSA main lecture hall, Via Beirut 2-4 (Miramare Campus), Trieste. The directors of the four founding institutions: Stefano Ruffo (SISSA), Fernando Quevedo (ICTP), Nicolò D’Amico (INAF) and Fernando Ferroni (INFN) introduced the initiative, followed by an inauguration ... read more!