John Miller (University of Oxford & SISSA)
Binary neutron star coalescence – after the merger
Friday, October 1st, 2021, 11am – Giambiagi lecture hall (ICTP Adriatico GH) & streaming

Abstract This talk will give an overview of current understanding of what happens after the coalescence of neutron star binaries, focussing on the particular case of the gravitational wave source GW170817.

Contact: Enrico Barausse
Video – SlidesJohn Miller‘s webpage

Pasquale Serpico (LAPTH, Annecy)
Massive sterile neutrinos in supernovae and the early Universe
Friday, September 17th, 2021, 11am – Kastler lecture hall (ICTP Adriatico GH) & streaming

Abstract After reviewing some motivation and the relevant parameter space, I will illustrate the impact of massive sterile neutrinos (tens or hundreds of MeV) on core collapse supernovae. An introduction to the topic of neutrinos in supernovae will be included for those unfamiliar with the relevant astrophysics. In particular, I will discuss constraints in the mass-mixing plane and interesting phenomenological signatures measurable at existing or forthcoming neutrino detectors. Cosmological probes (primordial nucleosynthesis, CMB) are also sensitive to some allowed parameter space. I will present recent calculations of the thermal decoupling of these states and the impact on the observables Neff  and Y. Current constraints and forecasts for the reach of the Stage-IV CMB observations will be discussed.

Contact: Piero Ullio, Emiliano Sefusatti
VideoSlidesPasquale Serpico‘s webpage