Call for postdoctoral positions at IFPU

The Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe invites applications for a few postdoctoral research positions to start in the Fall of 2022. The positions are for two years, with a possible extension to a third year. The research fields supported by the Institute are connected to the areas of: astroparticle physics, astrophysical probes of fundamental interactions, early Universe, gravitational wave astrophysics, structures in the Universe, theory and phenomenology of gravity.

For two of the positions, applications in the following areas are strongly encouraged:

  1. Research lines in: A) Astrophysics of multi-messenger sources: GRBs, kilonovae, other transients and their precursors; B) Galaxy magnification bias: a promising probe for cosmology and dark matter nature; C) Merging of galaxy clusters: simulations and observable implications of self-interacting dark matter.
  2. Formation and evolution of galaxies, including the formation of the first stars and black holes, and the formation and evolution of virialized objects, groups and galaxy clusters.

Postdocs at IFPU work in close connections with staff members from the supporting institutions – about 30 researches in total –  and also benefit from the extended visitor and research programs the Institute is hosting.

Review of applications will begin on December 15, 2021 and continue until the positions are filled.

For application see the page on Academic Jobs Online.