Testing Gravity with the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe

9-13 September 2024

The aim of this workshop would be to discuss a coherent plan to test General Relativity (GR) using forthcoming cosmological data. Within the next five years we expect a tremendous amount of data, and accessing the non-linear regime will be key to get most of the in- formation from these data. While the machinery to analyse them has been developed for few simple toy models, a fully consistent pipeline for general scenarios is still missing. We would discuss possible strategies to test GR with participants of different expertise, i.e. experts on: (i) modified gravity theory and phenomenology; (ii) numerical algorithms; (iii) environmental effects (such as baryons or feedback); (iv) data analysis. We believe that only the combination of these different expertise would provide a fruitful discussion and robust improvements.


  • Emilio Bellini (IFPU, Trieste & University of Nova Gorica)
  • David Alonso (Oxford University)
  • Pedro Ferreira (Oxford University)


  • TBA