21-cm cosmology and dark matter

IFPU & online
September 11 – 15, 2023

21-cm experiments are an extremely interesting probe of the early Universe cosmology in a region of redshift where not a lot of information can be extracted from CMB or galactic surveys. While the possible implications of 21-cm measurements for astrophysics have been worked out in detail, very little has been investigated about what these observables can teach us about the fundamental nature of dark matter. The diversity of particles and the richness of the Standard Model cosmological dynamics suggest that a similar complexity could be present in the dark sector. This point of view gives a broad motivation to study possible imprints of non-standard dark-sector dynamics on cosmological observables.  

The goal of this workshop is to connect the beyond the standard model (BSM) community, working on dark-sector dynamics, with the astrophysics community working both on the modeling of the astrophysical processes and on the future reach of different antennas. The expected outcome is to elaborate a number of well defined physics cases for 21-cm cosmology. Bringing together these two communities we aim to address some concrete questions. For instance, we would like to quantify the required sensitivity of 21-cm observables to unveil the imprints of dark-sector dynamics, taking into account the possible degeneracies with the unknown parameters of the astrophysical modeling. 

Reference webpage: https://indico.ict.inaf.it/event/2505/.

Scientific organizers:

  • Diego Redigolo (INFN Firenze)
  • Lorenzo Ubaldi (IJS Ljubjana)
  • Piero Ullio (SISSA)
  • Matteo Viel (SISSA)
  • Tomer Volansky (Tel Aviv University)