Cosmological Tensions and its implication to Concordance Cosmology

IFPU (& online)
June 12 – 23, 2023

The concordance ΛCDM model provides a fantastic description for our observable universe and is supported by a host of cosmological and astrophysical observations. Nonetheless, discordances between different cosmological observations have appeared recently that pose serious challenges for the ΛCDM scenario. The most prominent is the “Hubble Tension” which is primarily the discrepancy between the local measurements of the Hubble parameter and the cosmological inferences by the Planck mission collaboration assuming the ΛCDM model, but there are also some other lower level anomalies between the ΛCDM concordance model and cosmological observations. If real and physical (and not due to various systematics), these tensions and anomalies are calling for serious rethinking of ΛCDM model as the correct description of our Universe and is pointing towards new physics beyond concordance ΛCDM model at cosmological scales. Moreover upgraded experiments and next-generation space missions and facilities will be of crucial importance in this regard.

The resolution of these tensions and anomalies definitely require a coordinated effort in terms of new theory, new observations as well as analysing the data. This program provides a platform for intense discussions by bringing active researchers from all over the world to brainstorm about Beyond ΛCDM models which can possibly address these tension and anomalies.

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Scientific organizers:

  • Eleonora Di Valentino (University of Sheffield)
  • Anjan Ananda Sen (Centre For Theoretical Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia)
  • M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari (IPM)
  • Ravi Sheth (University of Pennsylvania & ICTP)

Other participants at IFPU:

Participants from remote: