New Physics from Galaxy Clustering II

November 6 – 10, 2023

Recent progress in theoretical modeling of galaxy clustering has led to new types of data analyses, which are particularly important for constraining extensions of the LCDM cosmological model. However, the landscape of the possible signatures that can be tested using Large Scale Structure observations, including the ongoing DESI and Euclid surveys, remains largely unexplored.

Building on the success of the previous installment at CERN,, the goal of this workshop is to bring together the cosmology and particle theory communities, to discuss current and future opportunities to probe fundamental physics using galaxy clustering.

The workshop will be held at the IFPU in Trieste, The program will be designed to facilitate interaction, with a limited number of talks accompanied by discussion sessions and ample free time for exchange.

Reference webpage:

Scientific organizers:

  • Emilio Bellini (INFN Trieste)
  • Emanuele Castorina (University of Milan)
  • Azadeh Moradinezhad (CNRS – LAPTh Annecy)
  • Diego Redigolo (INFN Florence)
  • Ennio Salvioni (University of Padua)
  • Marko Simonovic (University of Florence)

Participants at IFPU:

  • Tracy Slatyer
  • Marilena LoVerde
  • Yuhsin Tsai
  • Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine
  • Junwu Huang
  • Mikhail Ivanov
  • Susmita Adhikari
  • Arka Banerjee
  • Bellini Emilio      
  • Biagetti Matteo     
  • Isabella Paola Carucci 
  • Moretti Chiara      
  • Sefusatti Emiliano   
  • Verdiani Francesco   
  • Viel Matteo