Flat Holography and Gravitational Waves

Principal Investigator: Laura Donnay


  • Theory and Phenomenology of Gravity


The research line will develop within the framework of Celestial Holography, which is a duality between scattering amplitudes in asymptotically flat spacetimes and Conformal Field Theory on the celestial sphere. This field has gained a lot of traction in the past few years due to the discovery of a correspondence between soft theorems in gravity and an infinite number of symmetries and conservation laws on the celestial sphere associated to the symmetry group of asymptotically flat spacetimes. Moreover, both these sides of the correspondence have been shown to be related to, in principle, measurable gravitational memory effects. This net of relationships has led to a cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques coming from a variety of scientific communities like, AdS/CFT correspondence, Quantum Gravity, Scattering Amplitudes, Numerical Relativity, Gravitational Wave Astrophysics.

Status of project and perspectives:

The goal of the research line is to combine these ideas and techniques to investigate various aspects of the holographic nature of classical and quantum gravity, the structure of the asymptotic symmetries of flat spacetimes and their phenomenological implications for gravitational wave effects. With this proposal we aim to create a collaborative environment to study in detail these open problems, with an interdisciplinary approach. In particular, master and PhD students will be incentivized to lead regular meetings in the IFPU facilities presenting an update of their work on the topics of the research line; this way, other students and more senior members can give their feedback and guidance to overcome roadblocks and suggest further directions to explore, in the same collaborative spirit that strongly characterize this new field.