Inflation: Theoretical and Phenomenological Aspects

Principal Investigator: Paolo Creminelli


  • Early Universe


This line of research is devoted to study cosmological inflation. It includes research which is quite close to experiments (predictions in various models of inflation, non-Gaussianity and its experimental tests, production of primordial black holes …) and also more theoretical studies of de Sitter space (de Sitter no hair theorem, eternal inflation, wavefunction of the Universe, calculation beyond perturbation theory …).

Status of project and perspectives:

The main on-going lines of research are the following:

  • Warm inflation and dissipation during inflation (model building and experimental signatures in scalar and tensor perturbations)
  • Inflation in the static patch
  • Predictions of inflation beyond perturbation theory
  • Connection between axion and inflation
  • Positivity constraints of theories with spontaneous breaking of Lorentz invariance and applications to cosmology
  • Production mechanisms of Primordial Black Holes during inflation and reheating