The cool side of structure formation

January 29-February 2, 2024


Our team is carrying on an extensive analysis of the galaxy populations embedded in the Hyperion proto-superclusters at z~2.45, to study the onset of environmental effects on galaxy evolution. We focus in particular on the galaxies’ gas reservoirs, on their depletion time scales, and on how gas consumption is affected by the environment. Thanks to this Team Research Program, we plan to finalise our analysis by adding a careful comparison with predictions from simulations, to help interpreting our data and to add information on the future fate of these galaxies by following the simulated merger trees. These studies will also allow us to plan robust follow-up proposals to be submitted to relevant observational facilities.


  • Olga Cucciati – INAF-OAS
  • Roberto Decarli – INAF-OAS
  • Gayathri Gururajan – University of Bologna
  • Francesca Pozzi – University of Bologna
  • Margherita Talia – University of Bologna

Local participants 

  • Gabriella De Lucia – INAF-OATs / IFPU
  • Fontanot – INAF-OATs / IFPU