Dark Compact Objects and the Quantum Vacuum

2-6 September 2024

To estimate how the zero-point energies from quantum fields gravitate, it is necessary to calculate the expectation value, in a relevant vacuum state, of the renormalized stress-energy tensor operator. To this challenging end, a variety of methods have been proposed and applied during the last few decades. The members of this Team have developed a novel renormalization prescription, named the extended-coordinate method, that proves to be highly accurate, com- putationally efficient, and versatile in its range of application, surpassing previous proposals in the literature. The purpose of this meeting is to put the extended-coordinate method to the test by obtaining the renormalized stress-energy tensor of scalar fields in three scenarios: The interiors of charged black holes, the exterior of extremal black holes, and the spacetimes of highly compact stars. By seeking a further understanding on how the vacuum gravitates in scenarios of astrophysical relevance like these ones, we will test their semiclassical consistency as well as their viability as models for astrophysical black holes.


  • Julio Arrechea (IFPU)


  • TBA