The scenario of interacting dark matter and the structural and cosmological properties of galaxies

16-20 September 2024

In previous work our group has shown that the observational properties of the Dark Matter Halos provide us with a strong evidence that the dark particles, on a timescale of 10 Gyrs, do directly interact with the Standard Model Particles that make the luminous component of galaxies (as well as gravitationally). The next step and the goal of our project is to use these and other evidence to finalize over the actual nature of this new particle framed in the Interacting dark matter scenario. This will be done by determining the particle cross section with Standard Model particles, by investigating its role in the galaxy formation process and by devising strategies for its indirect, direct and collider detection.


  • Paolo Salucci (SISSA, Trieste)
  • Fabrizio Nesti, (University of l’Aquila)


  • TBA