Holography at all distances

30 September- October 4 2024

The past few years have witnessed a radical change of perspective on the problem of quantum gravity through the revelation that it can be organized in terms of new infinite dimensional symmetry groups. This led to a revised interest in applying the concept of holography to a new approach to the description of quantum geometry on a boundary at any finite distance as well as to S-matrix scattering amplitudes in asymptotically flat spacetimes. The infrared properties of these scattering amplitudes have observable features called gravitational-wave memory effects, which, because of the rapid growth of the field of gravitational-wave astrophysics, current and planned gravitational-wave detectors will soon be able to measure and study. These two fields, which go under the name respectively of local holography and celestial holography, share conceptual aspects and technical tools more than oftentimes is realized. The proposed Team Research program aims at the completion of a project extending previous works of the participants to connect these two approaches at the technical level, as well as to explore the possible observational implications of this connection. The advent of gravitational wave astrophysics, marking the beginning of a new era which could bridge the gap between classical and quantum gravity, provides a perfect arena for a cross-fertilization of ideas between these two approaches, in line with the IFPU mission.


  • Daniele Pranzetti (University of Udine)   


  • TBA