Generative Models for Cosmological Numerical Simulations

June 5 – 9, 2023

The next generation of large-scale structure surveys such as Euclid, DESI, LSST, SPHEREx, and SKA is going to provide an unprecedented amount of observational data. These surveys will map large portions of the sky, observing hundreds of millions of bright galaxies up to high redshifts, effectively transforming cosmology into a data-driven, precision science. In this context, numerical simulations of the observed data are becoming an essential ingredient for the analysis pipeline. The major obstacle in using them for direct parameter inference is computational expense: it takes millions of CPU hours to run reliable simulations. This team research program is focused on developing an algorithm for fast and accurate numerical simulations for cosmological applications.

Project proponent:

  • Matteo Biagetti (IFPU)

List of participants:

  • Matteo Biagetti (IFPU)
  • Magnus Botnan (VU)
  • Mathieu Carrière (INRIA)
  • Felix Hensel (INRIA)
  • Sliem El Ela (VU/UvA)
  • Jan Pieter Van Der Schaar (UvA)
  • Karthik Viswanathan (UvA)